• The details of your registration will be sent to you, including a unique registration number. Payment details will also be included in that email. Please use your registration number as a reference when paying. Payment should be received by 30 March 2024.
  • If your registration is cancelled earlier than 30 days before your date of arrival, your payment will be refunded in full except for a R50 admin fee.
  • Cancellations later than 30 days before your date of arrival will not be refunded as the full expenses will already have been incurred for the registration.


Attendee's first name or names. Please use a real name rather than a nickname - nicknames can however be used for the name badge later in this form.
The name to appear on the attendee's name badge. eg Joe Bloggs; Lion John Doe, ZC Wendy Bloggs, Partner in Service Jane Doe
A cellphone number the attendee can be reached at if needed. This number may also be used for urgent SMSes for changes of plan during the convention.
Please be VERY clear with these requirements. eg halal, kosher, vegetarian, allergic to dairy
Please indicate any requirements for wheel chair access or the like, if applicable

Events and Items

Includes lunch and tea
Includes lunch and teas